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Robert Jackson is committed to producing well-researched, well-planned presentations, whether workshops spread out over several days, one to 3-hour high-impact messages, opening convocations for school districts, or keynote addresses.  Robert has just the right material and message to assist your academic institution, conference, summit, church, organization or corporation in finding solutions to meet a range of challenges, especially those dealing with educating and bringing up our youth and inspiring adults.


Most people fear what they don't understand. The lack of understanding of our students among leaders causes potentially bright individuals not to reach their potential. Robert Jackson can provide your staff of educators, administrators, parents, managers, counselors, etc., with strategies that work through his workshops. Robert Jackson Consulting LLC has well trained Consultants who are capable of handling tough interactions with educators, Parents or students.

Consultation Services: Professional Development, Team Building, Solutions Based Strategic Planning, Building Culturally Responsive Environments, Leadership Development


Robert Jackson’s energy filled, interactive, straight- forward approach to addressing the needs of his clients and bringing about resolutions, will remain embedded in the hearts and minds of your group long after he has left.​

Popular Keynote Options: 

  •    Social and Emotional Learning for Staff and Students

  •    Leadership Development for School Leaders

  •    Strategies for Working with Students who have experienced Trauma

  •    Parenting kids Post Pandemic

  •    Building Effective Communication with Staff and Students

Other Services


Panel Discussions


Robert will facilitate workshops tailored to suit your group, while incorporating subject matters that are pertinent to improving individual and corporate well-being. As a panelist or panel moderator, Robert will bring to your panel a well-researched point-of-view filled with insight based on life experiences, moral principals, and solution-based resolutions.

Note: Robert Jackson is committed to establishing a long-term relationship with your group. Depending on your requirements, Robert would be glad to facilitate workshops and/or training classes over extended periods.

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