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2020 Virtual Schedule May and June

Embracing Change! Expanding Impact!

AccuTrain Professional Development

Educating students of color

Overcoming Obstacles

Robert speaks on overcoming obstacles and stresses

inspiring Parents and Students to Better Communicate

Crown Mentoring Program

Toronto Canada

Robert is motivating Canadian Men to go into the schools to mentor students.​

NABSE Tampa Florida

Robert reminds Educators that their dysfunction is similar to their students' dysfunction.

Bellevue College, Seattle Washingon

Robert reminds students that their family dysfunction doesn't have to be their dysfunction.

CLAS Conference

Robert teaches educators to build cultural awareness with students in Montgomery, Alabama.

Overcoming Pain

Robert speaks to students about overcoming pain at Bellevue College in Seattle, Washington.

Pause, Plan, Participate

Robert speaks to students about the importance of taking the time to pause to think before acting, plan to succeed, and participate by doing the work that it takes to achieve your goals.

Video Clips of Robert Jackson

Please take a moment to view a few clips from various Robert Jackson Presentations 

Robert Jackson is available to speak for your academic institution, organization, or church. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us here.

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