No More Excuses: Put a Stop to Bullying

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No More Excuses: Put a Stop to Bullying was written to help educators identify signs that students are being bullied, as well as to help them identify the very perpetrators that have damaged the atmosphere of our school systems. It also provides solutions to begin the process of eliminating bullying altogether. Millions of students are bullied everyday causing them to be depressed, fearful, and to have feelings of worthlessness. As a result, too many potentially bright students choose to stay away from school. This problem has been ignored far too long and must be addressed. Take a stand in your school system and join this crusade to Put a Stop to Bullying!

ISBN: 978-0-9659254-6-4
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    Lavelle Publishing, 2012
    Pub Date: July, 2012
    Paperback, 72 pages
    ISBN: 978-0-9659254-6-4
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