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NEWS FLASH 1 // 1st No More Excuses: Black Men Stand Up! Conference Scheduled for May 17, 2014


According to Robert Jackson, "It is time for men to take their place, but many need to be taught. I grew up without a father and used to use that fact as an excuse for not succeeding."


Jackson has come to realize through God's grace that all men can be successful despite their upbringing or the obstacles they may face. Which is why he has decided to bring the No More Excuses: Black Men Stand Up! Conference to Indianapolis. During this conference young and seasoned men will be challenged through keynotes and workshops to be accountable for their actions and to break generational curses. ​


High school, college and working adult males are all welcome to be a part of this conference. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Registration fee is $25.00 per student, advisor, or professional. You may pay for individual or group registration at the ONLINE STORE at However, we still ask that you please fill out one of the forms below to complete your registration. If you do not wish to pay online, please follow the instructions on the registration forms to complete your registration.

To learn more... Visit Conference 2014 page.

NEWS FLASH 2 // Stop The Bullying


According to Robert Jackson his first encounter with bullying occurred when he was five or six years of age. 

"I watched gang members in my neighborhood make fun of weaker kids, intimidate them with fear tactics, take their money and shoes or just pick on them just because. When the bullying finally happened to me, it made me very angry, withdrawn and depressed. I was teased, called names, and I often isolated myself because of it. I didn’t want to continue to experience their treatment. Being the only boy in my family made it that much tougher. At times, I thought about harming them, but I never thought of hurting myself, like so many other victims of bullying. I wanted revenge. I wanted to make the bullies feel the same way they made me feel. I wanted to intimidate them, harass them and smack them around. I knew in my heart that one day I would overcome their verbal and physical assaults, and become successful, but it still didn’t prevent the pain I experienced..."



To learn more... Purchase No More Excuses: Put A Stop to Bullying>

NEWS FLASH 3 // Robert Jackson Challenges Educators

Robert Jackson shares with educators that they shouldn't get caught up in the negative hype and stereotypes about Black and Latino males.

"Educators have to be open to solutions to educating Black and Latino males. That means you have to choose to make changes.  Many Educators are stuck in their ways and that’s a problem within itself.  I believe there is hope for these young men, but I can’t believe it alone. Have an open mind. The lives of these young men are dependent upon it. If you aren’t open, you must ask yourself, am I part of the solution or am I part of the problem?"

Jackson says his goal is to encourage educators to evaluate who they are as a teacher, administrator, Dean, Superintendent, Parent Liaison or Counselor and to recognize that there is hope for misguided young men.  According to Jackson, "All they need is guidance, tough love and an opportunity to change from a path that leads to destruction to one that will allow them to reach their potential. If you are an educator who has lost your passion, sees educating Black and Latino Males as challenging, or ended up in this field by default, it is my hope that you will seek solutions to assist you in having fulfillment teaching and in having a greater understanding of the young men you teach. Remember, your starting place doesn’t have to define your destination."

To read more... Purchase No More Excuses: Educating Black & Latino Males>

NEWS FLASH 4// Working Through The Excuses ​ 

Robert Jackson shares with young men the importance of ending the cycle of irresponsibility, including destroying self with drugs and alcohol. "No matter what, giving up is not an option. It can never be an option. We have to know that we must challenge ourselves and believe that we will succeed."

Robert asks young men, "Do you ever wonder what you need to do when your back is against the wall? Or do you say, 'Since my daddy wasn’t there, I had to do what I had to do to take care of my family.' So we sell drugs, rob and steal to keep up with the latest videos and fashions. We spend money on women we barely even know, trying to impress them, but our own children don’t have pampers or milk to drink." According to Jackson, something is wrong with this picture.

He challenges, "When you are faced with the consequences of your actions, stand up. We must learn to deal with the consequences of our actions, not like boys, but as men. No more excuses, black men. Stand up!"

To learn more... Purchase No More Excuses: Black Men Stand Up>

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